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Friends Only [31 May 2020|04:24pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


This journal is friends only!

+You must love J-Rock and anime+
+At least tolerate yaoi/shota/shounen ai/yuri/loli-con+
+Can put up with babble+
+Love books+
+Do not insult me or you will be taken off of my friends list.+
+You must comment here to be added+

That 'tis all. Mata ne~!


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Baibai [09 Nov 2006|12:31pm]
I'm making a new LJ! I don't really like this name. Yeah...

Once I do make it though, I will re-add people and then delete them off the F-List for this screenname. ^^

Here's my username = egnirysdetcejni

See ya there! ^^

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